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“I don’t live to make people laugh. I make people laugh to help them live.”

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Jason Earls is hilarious- I guarantee you that you will burst your sides laughing. He does an excellent job of engaging and entertaining his audience. Jason brings laughter with a mission. I highly recommend Jason Earls!

John Miller

Evergreen Christian Community, Olympia, WA

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The Birth of a Clean Comedian

Jason’s career in comedy began several years ago as writer for Derrick Miller (the 1st grade class clown). It wasn’t until he hit middle school that he started performing his own clean comedy (thanks to adolescence), which by the way landed him his own 1994 class clown award.

Serious Christian Comedian

Jason earned awards as “I.T.M Live’s Best Christian Comedian 2008” & “Seattle’s Favorite Comedian 2007”. Jason loves making people laugh but is even more passionate about impacting lives through his comedic message. “Serious Comedy” is about a life changing experience; a message of faith and encouragement with a healthy dose of laughter, it’s serious christian comedy.